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Store Policy

Customer Care

We are a conscious, grass-roots organization run by family and friends

from Uganda and Canada with big hearts and are (quite honestly) wonderful to deal with.

Or so we have been told!


We want you to love your hand-made item and will make every effort to make your experience with us easeful and enjoyable.

Our products are beautiful, sustainable, and made with love. And we stand behind them 100%.

Please note: as our products are hand-woven they are all unique and will undoubtedly have the occasional flaw or imperfection in the weaving. This adds to the charm and reminds us that these products are meticulously made by hand, with love! Every single one is unique!

That said, we also stand behind the high-quality products that we sell - and we offer an easy and simple refund and exchange policy as a result.

If you didn't get quite what you were hoping for, just ship it back and we will issue you a refund when received.

No questions asked. No hassle. No problem.

Privacy & Safety

Integrity matters.

We are not just a not for profit, we are a registered Canadian Charity and aren't willing to loose our status for the sake of mucking around! 

We don't store credit card or personal information on file, and only use third-party banking to verify payment through Wix, Square, or Paypal's secure platforms. We will contact you after purchase was completed successfully and again to confirm shipping or pickup details.

Privacy and safety are important when purchasing online and you can trust that your personal information won't be misused or passed-on in any way.

Wholesale Inquiries

Do you have a value-aligned retail outlet and want to carry Rudi Organics?

As all of our products are hand-made, we cannot mass-produce for big outlets! 

If you are a smaller value-aligned retailer interested in supporting a great project by selling our sustainably made direct-trade products from East Africa,

please contact us for a wholesale list and pricing!

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Email Money Transfer

- Cash (in person only)

Payment Methods
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