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 Our Story 

Rudi Organics is a line of hand crafted Direct Trade products imported and distributed in Canada exclusively by Eco Mama’s Global Community Gardens (EMG), a Registered Canadian Charity.


These “Beyond Fair Trade” items are produced in Uganda, by groups in or near villages we work in, creating valuable jobs for artisans and community members there. Our unique, eco-friendly products are exported as a sustainable means to generate income for our Outdoor Education Centres and Community Gardens in Kenya and Uganda. Read more about our team here.


Rudi means “to return to” in Swahili. Our belief is that in returning to ethical, transparent, sustainable, direct-trade, it is possible to work responsibly within our global village, in consideration and care for people and the environment in which we live. 

All of our products are naturally died, non-gmo/organic, , hand-woven and made with natural materials. 

EMG is a conscious, grassroots organization based in British Columbia, Canada. Our focus is education. Our goal is empowerment. Our vision is sustainability.

Our incredible team of Kenyan and Ugandan educators empower women, youth and families in poor rural areas through hands-on education in holistic health and wellness and sustainable food production.

At our Outdoor Education Centres you will find us teaching bio-intensive, organic agriculture, permaculture, holistic nutrition, herbal medicine and holistic food preparation. We provide free education to local community members, with a focus on building entrepreneurial skills, promoting environmental, individual and community sustainability. 

By purchasing this product, you are directly supporting these community-led development projects in East Africa. 

Passionate about our cause, we believe in global equality, education, and empowerment. EMG welcomes individuals from all religions, cultural and spiritual backgrounds and is not affiliated with any specific dogmas, except Love. 


Find out more about our projects and products @ecomamasglobal on Instagram and Facebook #RudiOrganics or visit us Products available online or at pop-up markets on Vancouver Island.

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